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How to meditate with Mindfulness meditation

meditation with mindfulness

How to meditate?

People use to think that meditation is letting the mind empty of thoughts, however, this concept has pushed people away from meditating only because of the fear of not being able to achieve an empty mind. The reality is that this concept is overlooked, in meditation, there is no goal at all. Nowhere to go, nothing to do except to be.

Go back to your source with Mindfulness Meditation

Simple steps to follow

how to meditate for beginners

Relaxation : The first step that we learn during our meditation journey. How to enter a deep level of relaxation that will help you entering the following steps.

Easy tip: Sit comfortable, close your eyes and follow your breath. Nothing else.

Concentration : The struggle similar to tame a wild horse, not by using force but gentle inner connecting communication with your mind.

Easy tip: Relax, breath through your nose, focus at the entrance of it and feel the air going in and out.

Meditate without any goal

Visualization : Where all the magic of dreams happens. Achieve your goals, change your attitude and behaviors toward challenges and life.

Easy tip: Relax, pick up a dream scenario, observe and watch like it was a movie, feel the sensations it awakens.

Mindfulness : Live in the present moment, welcome yourself in the eternity of the now. The only real life happens here.

Easy tip: Relax, feel your breath, your body and the effect your surrounding has on it. Do not forget to listen to all sounds.

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