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Multi-Orgasmic Man: Tantric Masculinity

Tantric Man

Is it for everyone?

I might not look like a yogic, tantric, or spiritual man if you look it through the lens of society telling you what a multi-orgasmic man should look like. Even with this being real nowadays it has never stopped me from becoming one. Being a multi-orgasmic or a tantric man is not only for those who are meditating every day, are vegan, or are part of a community of free love. Indeed all the previous points will help you a lot in your achievement of spiritual sexuality, it is not the only way that will help you achieve it. So if you find yourself in a busy life, where time is a challenge, where work pressure is simply part of it, and you do not have any kind of spiritual practice. This is still for you and, you can implement practices that will help you improve your sexuality and take you towards becoming a real multi-orgasmic man.

What are the benefits?

  • Last as long as you want

  • Experience whole-body orgasm

  • Enjoy non-ejaculatory orgasm

  • Stronger and more sensitive erections

  • Conscious energy level management

  • Increase focus, and creativity

  • Transfer explosive energy to your partner

  • Magnetize by attraction

  • Feel alife and young forever

Is it all about being a better lover?

No, when we see it all as being a better lover than we are goal-oriented and we might lose the purity of the underlying power that we experience thanks to sexual discovery. By the end of the road, you will discover that it has never been about being a better performer or learning how to increase your extasis as you probably have never experienced before. Even though it is all part of the same process and journey. Beyond all this desire, extasis, and orgasms there is void and simplicity. Pure self-love, and the unconditional love of the innocence we all once had, but that mostly all of us have lost in time. It is all about going back to your roots where it all started, the sacredness of a union between two humans being the creators of life through the magic of making love.

If you struggle in retaining ejaculation please click here.

Tantra Men


Life is the sum of decisions taken in the past. Every decision will draw a line of directions, where situations will start occurring. If we understand this concept we also understand that all is on us! Once we take this reality as our responsibility we already have made our first step in the journey. It is time to reclaim your position as a human being and start taken your decisions based on who you are and who you want to be!

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