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An online mentorship program guiding conscious women in cultivating healthy relationships with men

What is this Journey?

I guide conscious women in cultivating healthy relationships. I focus on the aspect of love, relationship, and sexuality within the couple where we work together on navigating the doubts of women who are seeking clarity and reach more meaningful relationships and intimate connections with their partners.

For whom is this 

  • I am confused and frustrated when it comes to relationships with men

  • I fear the idea of breaking up and not knowing what to do about

  • I would love to communicate with him but he is closed

  • Does it still make sense to continue? What if he is the one?

Lessons Learned

  • Be clear with what you expect from men as your partner

  • Liberate from confusing and unanswered questions related to masculinity

  • Open communication for him to express feelings and emotions

  • Become more mindful and aware of how to communicate with men

  • Stay calm and confident when conflict arises

  • Deepen the connection within your relationships with men

  • Allow love, passion, and compassion to be part of your life

Relationship coach for women

How does it work?


Tell me more about you, why are you willing to start a coaching session ?



This first session is for free in order to get to know each other and look at the possibilities.



Once we have matched, we can start with the coaching sessions.

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