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What is Intimacy Coaching?

Everything that is related to the intimacy of a person or a relationship. This can be something like simply improving communication skills as it also can be on a very deep level of sexual interactions or challenges.


The sessions follow a tantric coaching approach, where many aspects are included. Tantra by itself is an inclusive practice, so you can expect working on topics very similar to what can be found in life, transformational, mindfulness, relationship, or a dating coaching session.

It all depends on your call, what are you expecting from the session and the approach of the session will be adapted to it. Neither the less, the match between the coach and the coachee is the key to a successful path.

If you want to know more about Tantra click here or book a free session here.

Do we work on our sexuality during the sessions?

Yes, however, our sexuality is always connected to our daily lifestyle, and looking into some behaviors, patterns, and blockage might require some deviation from the sexual topic.

Is there any kind of sexual intercourse with the coach during the sessions?

No, there is no sexual service offered at IamTente. This website offers intimacy coaching which might in some cases include topics related to sexuality in form of guidance or practice, which in no case means there will be any kind of sexual interactions with the coach himself during the sessions.

Is the session happening online?

Yes, all sessions mainly happen online by phone or video call depending on the customer preferences.

Do you also offer offline sessions?

Yes, it is possible upon request to book a private workshop session at a previously agreed place. This can be in the comfort of the customer's house, a hotel room, or a rented house all based on the customer's desire. If you are looking for surprising your partner with a sensual and romantic night, you can contact us here.

Can everyone be coached ?

Unfortunately not everyone, it will all depend on the existing match between the coach and coachee. From the coach's perspective, true commitment and openness to new perspectives, ideas, or concepts are a must-have attitude before starting. Therefore the first free call session gives the opportunity to both to see if there is a match or not.

Do you feel that there is a chance of having a match? Click here and book your free session.

I do not feel comfortable expressing myself in English, do you speak any other language?

Yes, I do, coming from an international background I speak perfectly Spanish, Dutch, French, and English.

I see you also offer couple coaching session, how does this work?

It is important to understand that the couple session is focused on the male aspect of the relationship. By saying male it is not pointing at the male as a gender but as the masculine side of a couple or individual. Be aware, that beyond gender every one of us has a feminine and masculine side, which is mainly connected to the person and not to the gender itself. Generally speaking, men tend to have more masculine traits, however, this cannot be applied to every man as there are many of us with a very awakened feminine side. A balanced human is one who has a healthy man and feminine. 

If you mainly work on the male aspect of the person, does this means that the feminine side cannot be worked on?

No, we work on the feminine aspect as well. As part of my coaching, the feminine is always very present and is indeed also part of the coaching session. However, the focus or direction is mainly man traits in order to heal the distorted male inside of us in both genders. 

How long is a coaching session?

Generally, it is a 1-hour session. Find more information about the sessions here.

What duration of coaching do I need before reaching my goal?

The duration is very subjective and there is no existing standard that can or should give an answer to this question unless you want me to sell you an idea that is not real. The duration is directly connected to the commitment and dedication of the coachee. If you are putting into practice everything that is shared during the coaching session the transformational change will happen sooner than later, however, keep in mind that every process is unique, and respecting the flow is key for a true change. 

Is there something important to know about your coaching approach?

Yes! The journey you are about to start is not a come, talk, and release. It is true full commitment, and it will not always be comfortable and sometimes you will have the feeling of non-sense or willing to withdraw from your path. You will feel challenged on the way you think, feel, or even perceive reality and the shift will happen only when you stay committed to your desire to live a better life. The only guarantee that I can give you is that I will be there to support, share and guide you in the process, but you make the steps to walk your own path.

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