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The Basic Techniques of Ejaculation Retention

Free Course

Semen Retention Techniques 

Join our Free course and learn semen retention techniques that will help you last longer, build more confidence when it comes to having sexual relationships with a partner. Extend the time in bed and allow her the space and time to feel and experience pleasure with you.

Semen Retention Techniques

What you will get


  • Techniques to last longer

  • Healthier and Stronger Erection

  • Increased Self-Confidence

  • More Mindful Sexuality

  • Sexual Awareness

  • Introduction

  • Lesson 1: Activating PC Muscle

  • Lesson 2: Nurture your Sexual Mindset

  • Lesson 3: Slowdown, stay calm and breathe

  • Lesson 4: Conscious Penetration

Are you willing to learn more? Check out our Sexual Mastery Course

Are you a Lion or a Jackal? While the Jackal opts for the easy way out and hides behind their false mask, the Lion rises to the challenge and looks within itself. The Lion is aware that they are not yet at their best but is willing to put in the hard work to strive for greatness and become their own sovereign king. 


Are you ready to rise up and be a Lion? It's time to take your fate into your own hands and become the ruler of your own kingdom! Be brave, stay determined, and never give up on yourself - because you are worth it.

Which path are you choosing?


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