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The Awakened Lion



An online mentorship program guiding conscious men in self-transforming into a healthy masculine.

What is this Journey?

I guide conscious men in self-transforming into healthy masculine. I focus on the aspect of love, relationship, and sexuality within masculinity where we work together on building strong confidence for men who are seeking to feel good in their masculine and reach more meaningful relationships and intimate connections with their partners.

For whom is this 

  • I have a lack of confidence in my masculinity when it comes to relationships, love, and sexuality

  • I struggle with communicating and expressing my feelings

  • My performance anxiety is making me feel insecure when being intimate with her

  • I stress by the idea of breaking up and not knowing what to do about

Lessons Learned

  • Step up for yourself without causing harm

  • Liberate from an unhealthy image of yourself

  • Open to your feelings and emotions

  • Become more mindful and aware of the solutions to our conflicts

  • Stay centered and powerful in chaos and stress

  • Master your sexuality

  • Be more present in your actions

  • Experience love, passion and compassion

Relationship Coach For Men
The Inner Lion
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Aware of his duality, masculinity, and feminity. Conscious of the inner power that relies on inner wisdom. An emotional being with a profound connection to empathy and comprehension. The purity of his acts is the result of carrying intention towards others living deep inside of him. Letting aside his ego by devoting himself to his feeling of love. Not afraid to show his deepest vulnerabilities by using his courage to entirely be true to himself.

How does it work?


Tell me more about you, why are you willing to start a coaching session ?



This first session is for free in order to get to know each other and look at the possibilities.



Once we have matched, we can start with the coaching sessions.

More Services

Break Up Coaching For Him

Thinking Man

As your breakup coach, I'm here to help you navigate the emotional terrain of ending a relationship—a journey that can often feel overwhelming and disorienting. Men often approach breakups differently, grappling with feelings of vulnerability, confusion, and sometimes anger. My approach is designed to honour these distinct experiences and support you in reclaiming your strength and clarity.

The program focuses on helping you process difficult emotions constructively. We'll explore ways to channel your feelings into productive outlets, allowing you to gain insights and grow from the experience.

Together, we will work on developing emotional resilience, teaching you to handle the surge of feelings that accompany a breakup without losing your grounding.

One key aspect is fostering a deeper understanding of your emotions and learning to express them in a way that feels authentic and unburdening. By confronting and articulating your feelings, you'll be able to release pent-up frustrations and find peace. This journey does not involve suppressing how you feel but rather recognising and owning those emotions as part of your healing process.

We will also look at how the breakup has impacted your sense of self-worth and identity. Breakups can sometimes shake your confidence, but through guided reflection and support, you’ll rediscover your intrinsic value and better understand what you want in future relationships. With enhanced self-awareness, you can move forward with a renewed sense of direction and purpose.

Remember, healing takes time and patience. As your breakup coach, I’m committed to walking with you every step of the way, helping you find clarity, reclaim your power, and embrace a future filled with new possibilities and hope. Let's embark on this journey together and turn this challenging time into an opportunity for profound personal growth.

Dating Coaching For Him

Unlock your inner seductive power and transform your dating life with our comprehensive guidance. As your dating coach, I will help you decode the mysteries of attraction and understand the subtle language of women. Our approach is not about tactics or gimmicks, but about empowering you to become the most confident and authentic version of yourself.

We'll delve into what makes you uniquely attractive and teach you how to harness those qualities to connect deeply with women. You'll learn the art of meaningful conversation, allowing you to build genuine connections based on mutual respect and understanding. Understanding women's language means recognising the signals, both spoken and unspoken, that women use to communicate their interests and desires.

Young Couple

Our coaching sessions will focus on developing your emotional intelligence, enhancing your ability to read and respond to the subtle cues that are crucial in building attraction. You'll gain insights into the dynamics of male and female communication styles, helping you navigate conversations with ease and confidence.

Let us embark on this transformative journey together, where you will discover the power of authentic connection and learn to attract the right partners naturally. Reclaim your confidence, embrace your seductive power, and achieve the fulfilling relationships you've always desired.

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