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Foundation of Ejaculation Control Course


Follow the path to become a Tantric man 

Unleash your Inner Lion, and discover the path toward the multi-orgasmic man where ejaculation is not a worry anymore but becomes sacred. Liberate yourself from pressure and take your partner to a magical experience of spiritual sex.

,Be the king of your Jungle!

Free Course

Semen Retention Techniques 

Join our Free course and learn semen retention techniques that will help you last longer, build more confidence when it comes to having sexual relationships with a partner. Extend the time in bed and allow her the space and time to feel and experience pleasure with you.

Semen Retention Techniques

What you will get


  • Techniques to last longer

  • Healthier and Stronger Erection

  • Increased Self-Confidence

  • More Mindful Sexuality

  • Sexual Awareness

  • Introduction

  • Lesson 1: Activating PC Muscle

  • Lesson 2: Nurture your Sexual Mindset

  • Lesson 3: Slowdown, stay calm and breathe

  • Lesson 4: Conscious Penetration

Serie 1

Understand the foundations of ejaculation control. This course is for those who want to master their sexuality by becoming a better lover for their partner and themselves. Learn to have a much better control over your ejaculation, and when to decide to release it or not.

Foundation of Ejaculation Control  Course

Sexual Mastery Course

What you will get

  • Improve self-knowledge for better understanding of body's signals.

  • Gain control and prolong pleasure during love making.

  • Increase sexual confidence and satisfaction.

  • Enhance intimacy with your partner.

  • Strengthen body awareness and connect to the present moment.

  • Boost stamina, performance, and vitality.

  • Train a healthier approach to sexuality, exploration and communication.

  • Deepen connection with yourself and your partner while enjoying more fulfilling sex life together.


  • Introduction

  • Module 1: Foundation of Ejaculation Control

  • Module 2: Building the Correct Mindset

  • Module 3: Conscious Communication

  • Module 4: Aligning Body and Mind

  • Module 5: Diving into the Depth

  • Bonus Practice

Ejaculation Control Course

Introduction to Sexual Mastery

  • Introduction

Module 1: Foundation of Ejaculation Control

  • Managing expectations

  • Identifying orgasm and ejaculation

  • All Tantric men orgasms

Module 2: Building the Correct Mindset

  • Unlabeling and letting go of limiting believes

  • Common mistakes and unhealthy habits

  • Inviting sensation and allowing failure

  • Forget about the end goal

Course Content

Available now!

Module 3: Conscious Communication

  • Why is communication so important in sex?

  • Communicating our boundaries and limits

  • Managing pressure when dating

Module 4: Aligning Body and Mind

  • Understanding the importance of the breath

  • How to use breath for control

  • Sex Conditioning

  • The secret of Pc muscle contractions

  • The emergency brake

Module 5: Diving into the Depth

  • Body Reading and Connection

  • Arousal Level Awareness

  • Diving into a meditative state

  • The art of Self Pleasuring


Bonus Practice (coming soon)

  • Connecting with your partner

  • The here-and-now Tantric lovemaking

  • Conscious penetration

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