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Premature Ejaculation Control

The silent suffering we all face in shame of not performing how we would like to. The reflection of dissatisfaction in the eyes of our partner or the person we just met. The fear of not being on the level before we even have engaged in a sexual act. That constant pressure that we have to keep in silence because there is nobody to talk with without risking being laughed at, or even worse being judged as not man enough. The feeling of knowing that you might never satisfy the girl you are in love with. All these mixed thoughts, feelings, and emotions are slowly killing us with the idea that one day she will leave me for another man because she does not feel sexually satisfied.

Man suffering premature ejaculation

Why is it happening?

Notice: First of all we need to remove the possibility of a medical condition for which we recommend you to visit a doctor for more guidance. I am not a doctor, but a sexual coach which means that based on my own experience and practice I can help others achieve similar results as mine.

It is very common to see that the main reason for premature ejaculation is because as men we tend to be two steps ahead of the sexual act, we are already heading to the end goal and on what will come next before even the preliminaries have started. Our mind takes over and our body reacts to all that the mind is telling us, our arousal increases exponentially resulting in overexcitement. Once we are in the zone of overexcitement we are not more in control of what is going to happen, the feeling of not having control will add another layer and precipitate us toward unwanted ejaculation.

During the coaching, we learn how to deal with the pressures, how to step away from overexcitement while still being aroused, how to manage our energy levels to perform longer, how to use an emergency retraction to avoid unwanted ejaculation, and ultimately how to separate ejaculation from orgasm.

  • Deal with pressures

  • Step away from overexcitement

  • Perform Longer

  • Emergency Retraction

  • Separate Ejaculation from Orgasm

Do I have a problem?

It is very unlikely that you have a problem unless it is a serious medical issue. Keep in mind that many doctors like to treat things as problems, however, this does not mean you have one. The idea of diagnosing premature ejaculation is very vague per definition as I would suggest that every time you are ejaculating before you or your partner feel satisfied should be considered premature ejaculation. The threshold that determines if it is premature or not, is the satisfaction level of the one that experience the act and not a medical organization telling you what is premature based on average statistics. Especially when those average statistics are taken from an overall sexually unhealthy population.

Is there any treatment for premature ejaculation?

Starting from the idea that there are no serious medical conditions as a cause, talking about treatment is already putting us in a position of illness. Premature ejaculation is not an illness and is also not a problem. Premature ejaculating can cause you problems in life because of its psychological importance in society. However, seeing premature ejaculation as a problem or something that has to be treated with drugs is causing a sexually unhealthy population. After so many years of experiencing myself and seeing others going through the same process, the so-called treatment is simply a discovery path on how our body functions and reacts with sexual stimulation and interactions. Understanding your body is the treatment and not a magic pill, spray, or cream.

So how did it all started?

Based on the idea that premature ejaculation causes problems in life and is not the problem itself, I invite you to go back to your first sexual encounters. Could you honestly say to that teenager or young adult that he has a problem called premature ejaculation? It is all about educating and discovering. Yes, anxiety, pressure, depression, alcohol, and a big, etc are promoting premature ejaculation, however, the source comes back to the root of knowing your body. Hypersensitivity is nowadays a term used to describe the cause of premature ejaculation where it is widely treated by taking drugs, sprays, creams, or numbing condoms. The path of numbing your genital is the same as a path of self-destruction. There is a lot of power in our sexual energy, numbing it would be denying what we are. The solution relies on the observation of that hypersensitivity and understanding its effects and relationship with the rest of the body.

What can help me?

Dealing with anxiety, pressure, lack of confidence, unhealthy lifestyle is definitely gonna help us calm our minds and create a better connection with our body. The next part has to be bringing awareness of what is happening. Just ask yourself how is everything happening without the matter of whether you ejaculate or not. Observe, be the observer of your body's reaction, do not react, and do not engage in the conversation happening in your mind. Feel it as an experiment, you are the field to discover, what is happening in your mind and body, when is it happening and how is it interconnected? Is your mind telling you will ejaculate before doing so?

Some healthy sexual behaviors

  • Practice fitness and sports

  • Integrate meditation and yoga

  • Move your body

  • Follow a plant-based diet

  • Communicate openly with your partner or best friend

  • Activate and relax your PC muscle and surrounding

  • Choose the path of Tantra and multi-orgasmia

  • Search for a course, mentor or online videos

Intimacy Coach for Men


My name is Tente and I also have faced a similar situation in my life. This is now part of the past and today I am here to guide men have more control over their ejaculation and become the lover they always wanted to be. I am a relationship and intimacy coach for men and couples, and I am willing to share all my experiences with you so that you can improve your life and stand in your power as a sexual man.

I'll coach you on how you can get control, delay, and even decide when you want to ejaculate. There are some simple techniques that when applied in the correct manner can help you release all the suffering attached to the above-mentioned story.

If you are committed to doing what it takes to change this then feel free to book the first call with me in person and start addressing the situation with real-life experiences solutions.

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