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What is Kundalini? Exploring the Awakening of Serpent Power

What is Kundalini Energy

Kundalini describes the energy and consciousness that is coiled at the base of our spine. This coil often is represented with a serpent, and can be referred to as the ‘sleeping goddess’ or serpent power.’ Kundalini is the source of the life force, or chi, and has been present with each of us since birth. This Kundalini energy is what triggered the life of the child in the womb, and holds energy until we die. Kundalini has been explored in some form in many different traditions. It is of course present in tantric traditions, but also in Native American and indigenous teachings, Buddhism, and Taoism among others.

Kundalini can be referred to as the ‘sleeping goddess’

Life-changing events or spiritual practices can cause Kundalini to unravel and rise within the body, creating strong and explosive emotions. As the Kundalini wakes, it rises through each of the chakras in the spine, awakening them. This event can cause new sensations in the body as well as feelings of chaos, fear, or even pleasure. Kundalini can uncoil either suddenly or gradually and can cause sensations in the head, heart, or gut. Kundalini can accompany spiritual awakening and is a wonderful opportunity to assess the spiritual path we are on.

Kundalini can cause our bodies to react in ways it never has before. It can manifest in the body as vibrating, minor convulsing, visions, or shaking. This is nothing to fear - it is simply the life force making itself known. Kundalini can cause a union between the spirit and body in a way that is new and important, as it opens the heart and mind to new dimensions of perspective.

Kundalini awakening can release destructive patterns, as well as delusions of our past selves.

The awakening that Kundalini brings creates priceless benefits for those who experience it. We can fight Kundalini awakening, because it threatens our ego-centric selves, and can cause us a loss of our old identity, and can lead us into an emotional and spiritual unknown. This awakening can mistakenly cause us to believe there is something wrong with us, thus it’s important for us to recognize this is not a problem, but simply a new dimension that is yet unexplored. Kundalini awakening can release destructive patterns, as well as delusions of our past selves.

Because Kundalini leads us into the unknown, it’s good to have a guide to help you understand what is happening in your mind, body, and spirit, and to help guide you through embracing your awakening. Kundalini requires that we are disciplined in body and in mind in order to experience the full awakening and to achieve the deep gift of discovery that Kundalini offers us.

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