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The Flow Of Sensual Movement

Express your inner sensuality through movement

So often I see how people simply do not move. I find myself wondering so many times, why? Why willing to live a life where they are so restricted in their own body that they do not even realize that their own prison has been created in their body.

Movement is an expression of freedom, the way how you move is the way how you let your body express life by its own. The freedom of moving without any control, only flow.

Expressing Intimacy with Movement

Learning how to express sensuality is also learning how your body can express it through movement. It is the external dance of the inner sensual energy, that will make of you a sensitive sexual being.

The practice of movement should be integrated in the development of your intimacy as a sexual or emotional partner. Part of our erotic communication towards the other is by reading unconsciously movement patterns.

By learning how to move, you are learning how to seduce with your inner masculine and feminine sensual energy.

Feel the movement and let go control

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