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Romantic Tent



Offer her a Magical Moment of Deep Intimacy

Experience a Magical Moment of Intimate Connection with your Partner.  Give your couple an extraordinary boost of sensuality, by exploring and heightening your sexual energy and attraction. With guidance and all the necessary tools, create a unique tantric experience that will allow you to explore every corner of possibility in a safe environment. Enjoy the rest of your evening in an unforgettable, magical bubble that will strengthen your bond at the deepest levels of your soul.

Spiritual Sexuality

How does it work?

Tantric Experience offers couples a unique way to deepen their connection with each other. Through the use of Tantric techniques, such as breathwork, visualization, and energy exchange, partners can learn to move through different levels of physical and emotional pleasure while staying deeply connected. 

As your facilitator and space holder, I will help you to create a magical tantric setup in a special place of your choice. Every detail will be taken care of so that you can explore the power of tantra in a safe and comfortable environment. 

We will start with an introduction to what tantra is, followed by guided breathwork and visualization techniques that will allow you to move through different levels of physical and emotional pleasure while staying deeply connected with each other. We will then explore energy exchange and various techniques used in tantra to embody the elixir of sensuality. You will learn how to use these tools for any future practice or experience you would like to have by yourself. 

Tantric Coach
Tantric Experience

By the end of this special experience, you will feel the power of deep intimacy and connection with your partner. You can then leave with a newfound understanding of tantra, along with the skills and knowledge to explore it further in the future if desired.

I am committed to guiding you through this journey into sensuality and helping couples become more open and aware of each other on a deeper level. Experience a magical moment of intimate connection with your partner and enjoy the rest of your evening in an unforgettable bubble that will strengthen your bond at the deepest levels of your soul. 

Sexual Mastery

Note: Please be aware that these practices might include proximity, nudity in underwear, touches, and a certain degree of sensuality or erotism. Under no circumstances sexual acts with the facilitators such as touching genitals (including nipples), kissing, or any kind of penetration will be part of this practice. This is not a sexual service. Please read carefully the terms and conditions below before requesting the first meeting.

Terms & Conditions

  • This is a real in-person experience

  • Direct interaction with the coach might be necessary in certain situations (single sessions for example) and is totally free of choice to happen

  • A first meeting must be held before any decision is made, during this meeting the minimum criteria must be reached before approval. You will not be considered for this practice if:

    • You show signs of sexual neediness or greediness. (individual online sessions can be held in order to heal this part)

    • You do not honor the practice by reducing its value to a simple exchange of a sexual experience

    • You see this as money for sex. There is no penetration included in this practice.

    • Your intention is purely sexually-oriented, looking or hoping for kissing, penetration, rubbing, or touching genital

  • If necessary more meetings can be requested if a sense of safety has not been reached yet.​

  • Boundaries will be shared before the practices start and can be adapted at any moment in order to maintain a safe container

  • For the safety of the coach, Tente reserves the right to not offer this service if safety cannot be ensured during these practices or even to cancel if there is any suspicion of any kind of dishonest intentions.

  • This can be a sensual experience but not a sexual (any kind of penetration) experience

  • Touches and very close proximity are common during part of this practice

  • Sensual movements similar to dancing or simulating an erotic scene will be practiced

  • The option of nudity up to underwear is allowed in a certain setting, however, safety for all participants must be ensured and respected at all time

  • Travel, accommodation, and setup cost are not included in the price and will be in charge of the customer

  • The price rate will be calculated based on a 200€ per hour

  • Not respecting the above-mentioned terms & conditions or the previously agreed boundaries will lead to the cancelation of the session and no refund will be possible

How does it look like?

Please watch this video in order to have a clearer view on how a practice can look like and what you can expect from it.

Romantic Tent


Surprise your partner with an unforgettable Tantra night by diving into a magical tantric experience, where you will become one. 

We guide you to setup a safe space, rise loving energy, and experience a deepened connection with her. The rest of the night will be all yours, to enjoy your little lovenest and embrace the intimacy of your union.

*Available for couples or singles

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