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Relationship Check-In Questions to Strengthen Your Bond

Relationships are hard work—but they don’t have to be. Taking time out of your busy schedule to check in with each other can help strengthen your bond and keep your relationship healthy. Asking yourself and your partner the right questions can be a great starting point for a meaningful conversation.

Relationship Check-In Questions

How Are You Doing?

This is a simple, but powerful question that can lead to a deeper discussion about how you and your partner are both feeling at that moment in time. It's an open-ended question that can allow you to gauge how each other is doing emotionally and physically, giving you both the opportunity to share any concerns or worries that may have been weighing on either of you lately.

What Do You Appreciate About Me?

This question encourages positive communication between partners, as it allows them to reflect on what they appreciate about each other. It's an opportunity for both of you to express gratitude for the small things; from being there for one another when times are tough, all the way down to remembering birthdays or anniversaries, no matter how big or small, taking the time to recognize these moments will help foster appreciation within the relationship.

What Would You Like To Work On Together?

It's important for partners to have shared goals that they work towards together. This question allows couples to discuss potential changes they may want or need in order for their relationship dynamic to improve—anything from improving communication skills, and working through conflicts more efficiently, all the way down to discovering new activities and hobbies that could bring them closer together as a couple!

How can I support you in feeling more secure or safe in our relationship?

One of the most important aspects of a successful relationship is feeling secure and safe in it. When both partners feel that they can trust each other, rely on them, and be vulnerable with them, it creates an environment where love can grow. Asking your partner how you can support them in feeling more secure or safe in your relationship is an essential question to ask if you want to strengthen your bond. This question encourages open communication between partners and allows for honest dialogue about what each person needs from their partner in order to feel secure or safe. It also provides opportunities for problem-solving together as a couple so that any issues can be addressed head-on rather than waiting until things become too overwhelming before seeking help.

Do you feel like I'm present and listening when we talk to each other?

It is important for couples to be able to communicate effectively and openly with each other. One of the key elements in successful communication is feeling like your partner is present and listening when you talk. Asking each other this question can help foster a deeper connection between partners, allowing them to express their needs without fear or judgment. It also encourages both parties to take an active role in the conversation by actively listening and understanding one another’s perspective.

How often do you think it's necessary to check-in with each other emotionally?

Checking in with each other emotionally is an important part of any relationship. It allows partners to stay connected and engaged, as well as providing a safe space for both people to express their feelings without fear or judgment. Checking-in can also help couples identify potential problems before they become too overwhelming, enabling them to work together on solutions that are beneficial for both parties. But how often should you check-in? This is a question that couples must answer together in order to ensure that they are on the same page when it comes to emotional support and connection within the relationship.

Relationship Check-In Questions to Strengthen Your Bond


Asking yourself and your partner these kinds of questions helps lay the groundwork for meaningful conversations that can help strengthen your bond in ways you couldn't have imagined before. Whether it’s simply asking “how are you doing?” or inquiring about shared goals and aspirations, these types of questions can give insight into not only where your relationship stands but also where it’s headed! Taking time out regularly for check-ins is an invaluable investment in keeping your relationship strong and healthy over time.

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