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A Relationship coach near me

Did you ever wonder how you can find a relationship coach that fits you perfectly?

Today the reply is very simple, the closest relationship coach near you is at the reach of your phone or your desktop. However, you still have some points to cover before you engage in a mid-long-term commitment.

Relationship Coaching Near Me

In this article, I will guide you through what you should be searching for when you are looking for a relationship coach. Sometimes we create a preconceived idea of how our perfect coach looks like and we let ourselves be influenced by the magic of marketing. This could end up misleading us into an unfulfilling match. What you actually could do is keep on reading below the 7 steps on how I personally would go in the search of my perfect relationship coach.

1. Follow your intuition

The foundation on how you will make your decision should be by following your gifted intuition. We all have an internal guide, that can tell us by listening to it if the path that we are about to take is appropriate for us or not. Instead of following the hypnotizing marketing strategies used out there, try to follow your intuition when reading, and listening to the content of your coach candidate.

2. Identify your intentions

Once your intuition has helped you to be clear with who you are willing to have the first call, it is the moment to check into what are your intentions. This is a very important step that sometimes people forget to feel into. It is common that people are going through a painful experience in their life with the urge to heal it and just get over it quickly, but they completely miss out on the real intention behind initiating a guided path. Based on the previous example could we say that the person's intentions are healing and dissolving patterns or is it just getting rid of the pain? It can be different for everyone, but I can predict that if your intention is to just get rid of the pain, sooner or later your pattern will activate again and make you feel the same amount of pain or more. The reason is that you have not really focused on healing the source that created the pattern, so if your intention is not pointing in the right direction or depth, whenever you experience the emotional release you might start believing that you are complete, but in reality, you are just dropping off at the begin of the final change.

What shall you do?

Professional Relationship Guidance

If you take the previous example, generally the most common. You just have to feel into it, readjust your perspective of your intention, and formulate it differently such as my intention is to heal myself at a source level. It might sound like it is the same, but once you state and bring awareness to this little detail you will notice how over time the level of commitment will increase, which will give you access to a true healing process and not just wasting your time, energy and money because you quit too early.

3. Have the first call

Take the action of booking your first call. Some studies have proven it to be the face-to-face the most effective way to connect with a coach, and some other studies point out that a simple phone call allows a deeper connection because there is an absence of fear of being judged by our physical appearance. In my eyes, both methods are valid, so I feel that it is our own responsibility to make this decision for ourselves. If it feels better a phone call or a video call shall depend on our preferences and gut feeling, rather than studies that are not conclusive. Remind also to have a list of questions ready for the call, as you shall be looking forward to knowing enough about the coach that will guide you throughout the journey.

4. Share your intentions, expectations, and goals

During the call, besides asking your questions and clearing up your doubts it is also important to share your intentions, expectations, and goals. This will state clearly why you are willing to commit to a life-changing investment, and what will keep you motivated during the journey. This will also help the relationship coach to understand you better and be able to feel if there is a real match.

Sometimes it can happen that the relationship coach decides to refer you to another professional if this feels like the right thing to do in order to further support you in your process. Remember that the journey is about you, and not about the coach making more profit at the cost of your time, energy, and investment.

Usually, for deeply purpose-driven coaches, money by itself is not enough for exchanging their time and energy. The real value and reason for why they have chosen this profession are to witness the healing process in others, and this can only happen when there is an authentic match. Generating impact and contributing to the empowerment of humanity tend to be one of the main purposes in their lives. As the saying goes, when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

5. Welcome and receive feedback

It is time to gather all the information in order to let our bodies feel it. Feel if it resonates with you and observes how the feedback is being shared without falling into excessive judgments. Welcome any feedback, be open, and let the coach share his views, opinions, and feelings. Observe and listen if the relationship coach has already been through it, or if it is simply someone who is just sharing something out of the books. Seek for wisdom and not just for knowledge, the combination of both elements shall be present in your guide if you choose to be guided through the shortcuts and not driven around the stories.

Wisdom comes from experience. Experience is often a result of a lack of wisdom.
Find a Relationship Coach Online

6. Feel into your heart and gut

A quick check-in on how the feedback and the overall call are landing is a crucial part. Here you'll find an easy list of questions to ask yourself before making a decision:

  • How is your heart reacting? Is it closing or opening?

  • Do you feel any negative pressure in your heart or gut center?

  • Are you feeling a little bit nervous or is it more of a feeling of rejection?

  • Do you feel the excitement in your belly or is it contracting and discomfort appearing?

Those simple questions will give you an extra push and confirmation to make sure your intuition was pointing in the right direction.

7. Commit to yourself

It is time to commit, your either back off and surrender to the idea that you will repeat your patterns and pains for the coming years or you commit to your intentions and the inner call to liberate yourself from suffering forever. Life has a mission for every human being on this planet, but only some of them are able to gather the courage and initiate the awakening journey of their soul.


Finding the right relationship coach near me has been addressed in 7 simple steps. You are now able to experience what is it to make an authentic decision based on your intuition, feelings, and observations. Nothing can go wrong, it will be a journey of self-discovery where the opportunities to grow, learn and empower yourself will come along with liberating healing processes.

If you are still struggling to understand how a relationship coach can guide you in your journey, I invite you to read this article . If you are searching for deepening the connection with your partner, improving your intimacy and communication skills, or simply enhancing your sexuality through tantric practices you can contact me or book directly a call with me.

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