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Fifteen years ago, I found myself stuck and hopeless. I couldn’t seem to make any progress in my life, I didn’t have any positive male role models, and I found myself caught in a cycle of violence and aggression. I wanted to believe there was more for me than the distorted darkness I felt.


At 17 years of age, I had my first real encounter with love. The intensity of the sensations in my body was totally new for me and sparked curiosity about what else was possible. I didn’t know it at the time, but that was the moment that Tantra became my future. Discovering Tantra led me on a journey of discovery, through devouring books and teachings, as well as getting in touch with my inner wisdom.


Through my journey, I discovered different practices such as Kundalini, Vipassana, Buddhism, dynamic meditation, Shamanism, mindfulness, and Tantra. Discovering and practicing further enlightenment did not complete my journey, however - the final step was a calling to share my inner wisdom, knowledge, experiences, and bring others into the practices I discovered.


Now my purpose is to share my love for the awakening process related to the male energy that is inside all of us. I am ready to guide you in how to relate to our darkness and our light without excluding any part of it. Learn how to balance your masculine and feminine and experience, the joy of sensuality, and deep intimacy with yourself and others - beyond gender, beyond ego, beyond duality.


In addition to my work as an Intimacy & Relationship coach, I created a non-profit organization called Tree4Ocean, working to help reforest the planet. Our journey into healing doesn’t stop with us, and should bring healing and energy to others as well as the earth.

Relationship and Intimacy coach



Hi, I am Tente and I am a...

Tantric Practitioner & Facilitator

Mindfulness Mentor

Intimacy, Relationship & Sexuality Coach

Meditation Teacher

Body Flow & Movement Specialist

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