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I'm Tente, a men's coach dedicated to helping men heal their masculinity. My own journey started 20 years ago when I faced some of the toughest moments in my life. I had been exposed to violence and abuse from an early age and this led me to seek my spiritual initiation. After working in the corporate fitness world, I decided to share what I had learned with other men by combining tantra, mindfulness, and coaching methodologies which I use to help men identify and heal from the core wounds that prevent them from embodying their full potential. I founded "The Lion's Awakening Masterclass" - a 12-week program that provides tools for self-empowerment, awareness, and intimacy. 


My work focuses on topics such as consciousness, communication, sexuality, and relationships. Through it I strive towards creating a safe and powerful space for men to show up exactly as they are, to be seen, heard, and felt deeply. I believe that every man has an inherent potential for greatness and it is my mission to help them uncover this power within themselves.  I strive towards helping them unlock their potential so that everyone involved comes away with new skills and insights into leading a more meaningful life. It is my passion to be with them every step of the way! 

Relationship and Intimacy coach



Hi, I am Tente and I am a...

Listen to My Podcast for Men

If you're looking for a space where you can learn about healing toxic masculinity and stepping into your power, then I invite you to join me on my podcast from Jackals to Lions. Together we explore two sides of masculine energy - the Lions, which represent maturity, and the Jackals which represent immaturity.  Through conversations about topics such as consciousness, communication, sexuality, relationships, self-empowerment, awareness, and intimacy we are able to uncover the power within ourselves. So tune in and let's set the world on fire with love! 

Tantric Practitioner & Facilitator

Mindfulness Mentor

Intimacy, Relationship & Sexuality Coach

Meditation Teacher

Body Flow & Movement Specialist

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